Stainless Steel Pipe Calculator

stainless steel pipe weight calculator uses the density of the material, the length of the pipe, the outer diameter and inner diameter or wall thickness to calculate the weight of a piece of pipe. The wall thickness multiplied by the length and circumference of the pipe provides the volume of the material. The volume multiplied by the density of the pipe is the weight of the pipe. There are different types and grades of pipe materials. The carbon steel pipe weight calculator is used to calculate the weight of the carbon steel pipe. Carbon steels are used for low cost applications with good abrasion resistance and considerable strength.

The mild steel pipe weight calculator can calculate the weight of the mild carbon steels. The mild carbon steels have intermediate carbon content to balance between the abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance along with strength. There are different forms of pipes such as square, rectangular, round and hydraulic. The steel square pipe weight calculator is used to calculate the weight of the square pipe types. The square pipes are used to provides extra mechanical strength to structural applications. In other special cases, the rectangular pipes are used. To calculate the weight of these pipes, the rectangular steel pipe weight calculator is used.

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Nickel Alloy Pipe Calculator

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Nickel Alloy Tubing Weight Calculator
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  • Weight: 4.2720 kg/m
OD=Outside Diameter Grade=UNS

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