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Zenith Steel Pipes

Zenith Spiral Pipes

Spiral Pipes Manufacturing


Our manufacturing facility for helical submerged arc welded (HSAW) pipes employing electrical fusion welding is a state ofZenith Steel Pipes
the art facility to produce quality pipes. The spiral welded pipe mill is BYARD SPIRALMILL sdn. Bhd. make, along with the
other equipments provide the company with the superior technology and competent to deal with the best in the industry.

The pipe plant has a capacity to produce 70,000 MT of pipe per annum and can produce spirally welded pipes in the range of 18
inches (457 mm) to 100 inches (2540 mm) with maximum wall thickness of 1 inch (25.4 mm) & pipe length of 6 meters to 13
meters as per client’s requirement confirming to various national as well as international quality standards.

The uniqueness of our plant is that the whole unit is mobile & can be moved to the project site. This feature benefit our clients not only by reducing the transportation cost of pipes but it reduces the damage of pipes during transportation & also helps timely execution of the project by continuous & dedicated supply of pipes for the particular project.

Spiral Pipes Manufacturing Process

Spiral pipes are produced from hot rolled coils produced in steel plant. All the incoming coils are verified for its chemistry & Zenith Steel Pipes
mechanical properties as per the test certificate received from the steel plant tomeet specification requirements.

The Spiral Pipe manufacturing process involves setting of the mill entry line as per the calculated angle with respect to centre
line of pipe & forming cage to the required diameter. The coils are opened, leveled in leveler & end sheared to facilitate
joining of incoming & outgoing coils & joined by Submerged Arc Welding to maintain production continuity. Subsequently
it is guided & its edges are milled to get the desired edge. It is then formed at the forming table on the principle of three roll
bending to get the required diameter & auto SAW welded from inside. Since the strip is being fed continuously inside welding operation is also continuous. At about 180 degree phase, continuous outside auto SAW welding is carried out so that string of formed pipe is welded from both sides. It is then cut to the required length by Plasma equipment at the cut off equipment. Individual pipe is serially numbered for its traceability. During forming & welding, weld gap at inside welding is maintained by gap control unit to get adequate fusion from inside.

All the pipes are then inspected from inside as well as outside to find defect in the weld or body, diameter, forming defects etc. Pipes requiring rectification are manually rectified by manual welding &/or grinding depending on the nature of defect. Pipe ends are then beveled. Each pipe is then hydrostatically tested as per the calculated pressure; it is then inspected before offering to the customer’s inspectors. Accepted pipes are then paint stenciled as per the requirement before shifting it to the storage yard & subsequent dispatch.

Advantages of Spiral Pipes over Site Fabricated Pipes

Zenith Steel Pipes
  • Spiral pipes are manufactured continuously from hot rolled steel coils & hence length of pipes can be maintained
    as per the customer’s requirement from 6 to 13 meters or more. However, fabricated pipes are 2 to 2.5 meters in length.
    Thus resulting into higher number of joints per kilometer of pipeline which results in higher lead time for laying the pipeline.
  • Higher laying cost due to increased number of joints.
  • Higher probability of leakages at joints.
  • Higher maintenance cost.
  • Dimensional accuracy i.e. Thickness Uniformity, Ovality, Straightness & diameter control is excellent in case of spiral pipes rather than manually bent & fabricated pipes at site.
  • Spiral pipes has uniform round periphery as against peaks at weld joints in case of site fabricated pipes.
  • Bursting pressure acts at a right angle to the axis of the pipe. Since, welds of spiral pipes are at an angle, these weld joints withstand higher bursting pressure as against longitudinal welds of the site fabricated pipes; hence spiral pipes can handle water hammer effect smoothly.
  • Spiral SAW pipe shows better weld strength than the basic raw material as against site fabricated pipes.Zenith Steel Pipes
  • Spiral pipe manufacturing has automatic weld gap control arrangement; hence it gives better control of
    weld parameters & quality.
  • In case of pipeline bursting due to material failure, the spiral weld seam acts as a crack propagation arrester.
  • Delivery of spiral pipes is much faster than site fabricated pipes.

Product Range of Spiral Pipes

We can manufacture Spirally Welded SAW Pipes in the following range:

  • Pipe Diameter: 18" to 100"
  • Thickness: 5.5 mm to 25.4 mm
  • Length: As per customer's requirement (Maximum upto 13 meters)
  • Capacity: 70,000 MT / Annum

Applications of Spiral Pipes

Zenith Steel Pipes
  • Transportation of raw & potable Water
  • Transportation of Oil & Gas
  • Transportation of Sewage disposal
  • Irrigation
  • Piling
  • Ash / Slurry Transportation




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