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Inox Tech Pipes Inox Tech Pipes Inox Tech Pipes

Inox Tech has established itself as a leader in international markets as a company producing corrosion resistant alloy welded pipes. The success has been based on its two primary strategies: total quality and flexibility.
Inox Tech continues to expand its manufacturing facilities and product ranges to meet the current and future demands of the capital equipment industries.

  • Large diameter (up to 100") / heavy wall welded pipes (up to 60mm)
  • Unit length up to 12 mtrs with no circular joints
  • Pipes produced by plate, welded and calibrated, ID/OD tight tolerances
  • Stainless / Duplex / Ni alloys / Clad / Carbon
  • Production capacity up to 25.000 tons per year
  • Advanced welding techniques
  • Mill approved by Shell, Total, Aramco, PDO, Exxon, Statoil and others

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