carbon equivalent calculator for steel is used to select the most appropriate carbon steel equivalent material. The caron steels are low cost compared to other stainless steel grades. There are a few stainless steel grades, duplex steel grades, high alloy and commercially pure metal grades that are highly expensive. Not all applications require these expensive grades. Where possible, equivalent carbon steel grades can be used. The calculator allows to input the metallic composition of the expensive grades and the calculator will output the equivalent carbon steel grade. The carbon equivalent calculator cast iron provides the carbon steel equivalent for the cast iron grades.

The cast iron grade of pipes are used for high strength applications. There are other grades of materials used for various purposes such as high temperature services, high pressure services, high corrosive services, acidic applications, equipment, instrument, oil and gas and other different applications. The carbon equivalent for each of these applications can reduce the cost. For added corrosion resistance, the carbon steel can be coated with PVC, 3LPE, paint and hot dip galvanization. The carbon steels cannot replace all material grades. A few pipes have to last longer under harsh conditions. It depends on the application requirements in deciding whether to use a carbon equivalent or not.

C. Carbon %
Mn. Manganese %
Cr. Chromium %
Mo. Molybdenum %
V. Vanadium %
Ni. Nickel %
Cu. Copper %
CE Value %

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