barlow formula pipe wall thickness is a formula to calculate the internal pressure a pipe can withstand in relation to its dimensions. The wall thickness, the outer diameter and the material grade can all contribute to the pressure limit of any pipes. modified barlow formula for pipe wall thickness can calculate precisely what pressure a pipe can withstand. This is important to calculate the pressure capacities of pipes in high pressure applications. In capillary tubes where the dimensions are smaller, the pressure difference can be higher with the velocity of flow.

The barlow formula calculator can be used to avoid cracking of pipes under high pressure by calculating the excerpted pressure on the walls and adjusting the fluid flow. The viscosity of the fluid, the flow rate, the temperature, the wall thickness of the pipe, the material’s impact resistance, the yield and tensile strengths will all contribute to the pressure capacity. The barlow's formula calculator metric provides the pressure capacity based on the factors input in metric measurements. The traditional calculators used the imperial measurement systems where the modern ones use the metric systems. The barlow's formula external pressure is considered in applications where the pipes are submerged into fluids which excerpt and external pressure on the pipes.

The Barlow formula for internal pressure that a pipe can withstand to its dimensions and the strength of its materials is P=(2*t/D), Where

  • P = pressure
  • S = allowable stress
  • t = wall thickness
  • D = outside diameter
P (pressure):

psigS (allowable stress): psi.

t (wall thickness): in.

D (outside diameter): in.

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