SA213 T91 Tube is a specification of ferritic and martensitic stainless steel and there are different grades. The T91 is one of the higher grades. It is applicable in high temperature applications.

ASME SA213 T91 Boiler Tube
A213 T91 Tube SA213 T91

Hi-tech Metal & Tubes is a manufacturer and supplier of these pipes in various grades and types. The T91 Boiler Tube can vary in size from 3/8 inches to 30 inches in diameter and the length of the pipe could be standards, double length or cut in length. The ASTM A213 T91 Tubes are used in applications where the temperature is above 500 degrees Celsius. Heat exchangers, boilers, super heaters and condensers all use this grade of pipes. The ASTM A213 Gr T91 Tube Material has chromium and molybdenum in its composition which makes it corrosion resistant at high temperatures. Due to the A213 T91 Material composition it is also highly resistant to oxidation at room temperatures. Depending on the type of the pipes, this particular specification could also have niobium and vanadium in the composition. These elements add to the hardness and high wear and tear in the SA213 T91 Seamless Alloy Tube. We supply the SA213 T91 Tubes in all different specifications, grades, types and shapes. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our products.


For Boilers, Heat Exchangers and Gas lines always use ASME SA213 T91 Boiler Tube. Avoid welded tubes even its a cheaper option.

SA213 T91 Tube Chemical Formula


Mechanical Properties Chart of ASME SA213 T91 Boiler Tube

Grade Tensile Strength, MPa Yield Strength, MPa Elongation, % Hardness, HB
T91 585 min 415 min 20 min 250 max

T91 Boiler Tube Material Specification chart

SA213 T91 Tube Standard ASTM A213 T91, SA213 T91
Material A213 T91 Size 6.35 MM to 101.6 MM Outer diameter
Tubo SA213 T91 Tolerance Cold drawn pipe: +/-0.1 MM
Cold rolled pipe: +/-0.05 MM
T91 Boiler Tube Thickness 3 To 12 MM
Sch. & Swg. Schedule 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 3.6
ASTM A213 T91 Tube Type Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated

Equivalent of ASTM A213 T91 Tube

Equivalent of T91 Tubes EN 10216-2, ASTM A335
Material T91, K90901
Equivalent Material of SA213 T91 tube 1.4903, P91, K91560

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A213 T91 Tube
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